Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

What a great weekend it turned out to be. Yesterday Rick and I slept in and got some much needed sleep. In the afternoon I went to a movie with my sister in law. When I got home Amy was here putting a puzzle together with her dad. I made dinner then joined them at the puzzle assembly. We had such a nice time, Amy ended up spending the night here. This afternoon I helped Angie and Shannon recover a seat cushion, visited with them while we all watched football. Dave and Val showed up around 3 and we went to see "Grand Torino" (great movie) then went out for dinner.

This is my week off from treatment and I'm looking forward to recuperating. My body has been really achy this time. My biggest problem is how I can's stop coughing so even if my body starts to feel better, I throw it out of alignment. Lucky for me, I get a massage on Tuesday.

Tomorrow my friend Shelly is having heart surgery to repair a hole. The doctors are hoping that this procedure will eliminate (or at least lessen) her migraine headaches. Pam and I are planning on going to the hospital to be her cheerleaders. Good Luck Shell. We love you.

Rick has been extra tired ~ as have I, so we are heading to bed early. Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.

Dreaming Big,

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