Monday, November 24, 2008


I had another terrible nights sleep last night only this time it was due to a ridiculous dream. "Rick and I lived in the outskirts of Centralia in a town that had been destroyed by some kind of chemical warfare. We drove around for hours looking for anyone else who had survived but we couldn't find anyone. Rick wouldn't let me go outside after we had discovered no one else was alive. " I usually don't try to analyze my dreams but after I thought about it, I realized that it really did have some kind of meaning. Rick and I have "survived" chemical warfare since we were diagnosed. Perhaps this dream meant the chemicals will never be able to "hurt" us.

Tomorrow I start my second round of chemo. Each round is only 4 doses. I'm hoping everything goes well like it did the first round (except for day one...which I'd like to forget about). I've been having friends take me to my treatments so Rick can stay home and work (sorry dear, but someone's gotta do it). It usually starts out as a fun day until I fall asleep. Then, I don't know what happens.

Our friend Ann brought over dinner for tomorrow night since I probably won't feel like cooking. Actually, I won't be awake to luckily, the men can heat it up by themselves.

I was able to spend some quality time with both Amy and Angie today (tonight). Although you might think we're together all the time, alone time doesn't come very often for us. It isn't until I'm with them (one on one) that I realize how smart and beautiful they are. I really am grateful for who they've grown up to be.

Jake brought me a surprise today. He stopped by Hollywood Video and got the movie Wall-E (which is on my list of favorites) so I would have something to watch this week while I was recuperating. What a good boy!

I'd better get to bed and try to sleep. I have to be in Seattle by 8:00am which means we leave by 6:30...ugh!

Dreaming (actually tonight I'm hoping NOT to dream),


CFCina said...

Continuing to send lots of virtual hugs and happy thoughts your way!!! ;-)

~ Kathy C (Fellow Relayer in Hillsboro)...

Anonymous said...

I have had tremendous amounts of "war" dreams "bad dreams" "nightmares"... alot of them were occurring when I was "stressed" having "alot on my mind", feeling "imprisoned"-"claustrophobic"
I analyzed them and really wish I could get deep to the matter. I hope these tough times get easier. Patience. God has a plan and still works miracles. You know if you ever need ANYTHING your "BLOGS STOCKERS" would love to help we wouldn't be stockin if we didn't care.

I have yet to finish that cute little movie......... wall-e..

Dream Sweet