Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've discovered recently that wife-ing, mothering, friend-ing, neighboring and living are all much more important jobs than working. I've done my share of running myself ragged (which should not be confused with running myself "thin") doing all the things that matter most in my life. This afternoon, I ran into a glitch. After celebrating a nice lunch with my friend Kim, I went to Angie's school to help her with some last minute items before school starts next week. She had a little to do list that her mother couldn't screw up so I went to help out. I had been at Jake's school last night until around 8:30 helping him get ready for his open house tonight. During all of this excitement, I offered to cut Angie's hair after we finished at her office. We took a quick trip to her house, I cut her hair all the while I was fighting exhaustion. After the haircut, I apparently laid on Angie's bed and woke up after 6:00pm tonight with a blanket and pillow surrounding me. Angie said I nearly passed out from exhaustion, so she called dad who also agreed I'd been going at full speed ahead lately, so they just let me sleep. In the middle of the day. When I had things to do.

Oh enough rambling. Even after all the sleep I got this afternoon, I'm still very fatigued tonight. This is something new for me. Perhaps I should listen to my body and rest more often. BORING.

Tonight, Rick took me out for dinner and as I looked across the table I couldn't imagine a moment like that with anyone but him. This new chemo cocktail needs to pull through for us. I've learned a great deal about life in these past 28 months. I think I'm due for a break.

Our last few visits over to Desert Aire have been exciting, busy times, with a houseful of people. This weekend it will be just the two of us, a couple of new books, sudoku, some popcorn and movies... and our pajamas (or lounge wear, as I may be calling them if I don't change my clothes)!

Have a fun but CAREFUL Labor Day Weekend. Remember "The trouble with trouble is that it usually starts out as fun".

Love you more,

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