Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Things are looking up!

After a long day in Seattle and a couple of bags of fluid, Rick is feeling better. He's back to his old self again with no signs of feeling sick. Amazing what a little liquid can do for you.

I've added a new photo on the side of the blog of my new buddy Jaxon and I the day we went to the zoo. Now you can tell why I had such a great day...just look at that face!

Angie came by tonight for a haircut and I had her stay for dinner. She's speaking in Vancouver at a Relay for Life opening ceremony this weekend so we had to get her hair looking good. You never know who you might meet :)

Thanks for all your love and concern today for Rick. We're not used to having side effects at our house so when something out of the ordinary happens, we feel like we're in a foreign country.

Dreaming Big (and tired),

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Good news!