Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holy Heat Wave

Just before we left to come home today, Rick checked the thermometer....109 degrees. Ugh! Oddly enough, we started getting used to it, so by the time I got home tonight and the temp was 65 I almost needed a parka.

We're hoping to hear from Seattle Cancer Care tomorrow the plans for this coming week. The anticipation of what's to come can be overwhelming at times. Just give us dates/times/plans and we'll go where ever you need us.

Here's what I learned as I read the paperwork that Rick signed on Thursday for the clinical trial. He will be one of only 50 people across America and Canada in the study (and only 5 from Seattle Cancer Care). The study is in phase 2 which means it's still fairly new. Let's just hope and pray that Rick can tolerate what this new drug will bring.

Thanks again for all your e-mails and comments on the blog. Your love is like aloe vera on a sunburn....soothing and comforting.

Keep Dreaming Big,

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