Thursday, August 07, 2008

Charlie's Angels Take Over LaConner

Pam, Janeen and I (aka. Charlie's Angels) left this morning (after my 5 mile walk in Conway) for a beautiful day in LaConner. We had a great time and finally looked at our watches (thinking it might be 3:00 or so) instead it was already 5:30). It's funny how time can just slip away from you when you're having so much fun.

Rick is still feeling pretty good. His medications are giving him a few side effects, but they tell him that's to be expected. I'm a little anxious that I'm leaving him alone this weekend when I head down south, but he assures me that he's a big boy and he'll be fine.

It just dawned on me that the Olympics are right around the corner. I forgot how the Olympics are also a good way to track our survival. I should find out where they will be held (4 years from now) and buy some tickets to watch an event or two. That's a guarantee I'll be around in 4 years. I would never let a ticket go to waste!

My sister/brother in law woke this morning to: car after car honking as they drove past their house. Rick and I were a little sneaky last night and posted signs in their front yard that said, HONK, IT'S OUR 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Vickie finally jumped out of bed this morning to see if the neighbor dog was on the road or if their house was on fire. Instead, she was surprised by our artwork in their yard. She's not mad (anymore). I think she's just relieved that the house wasn't on fire. :)

I'd better say goodnight. I've got a big day planned tomorrow.

Oh, by the way...I'm doing great!

Love and Sweet Dreams,

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Heather said...

Oh, thank you! Love the idea! You are very clever. Have a great weekend.