Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Updates

The blog has been at the bottom of my to do list lately.  I wish I made it a priority but I've got so many other things going that by the time I sit down at 10 o'clock to write something, my brain is mush.  Ok, let's face it, my brain is mush most of the time.  I'm going to blame it on my age :)  As a matter of fact, in a few days I'll be blaming anything that goes wrong on my age.  

Please check the "Give a little, take a lot" website where you'll see an adorable little face that's looking for a new home.   Even if you don't need a puppy, perhaps you can pass this information on to someone who does.  

Before we got to the Relay meeting last night, we hit our goal.  We're now at $20, 300.  You've gotta love those Dream Teamers.  I sure do!  

Reminder...The deadline for ordering a bracelet is Tuesday the 27th.   I still haven't ordered mine yet so I guess I better follow my own advice. 

As I reflect on my life (all 49 years and 11 & 3/4 months) I can't believe how fast time has flown and how much time I had while it was flying by... It was nearly 34 years ago when I went on my first date with Ricky Schmitt.  He was so shy and quiet back then and I was the loud, social butterfly.  Hey wait, it's still that way.  Time doesn't really change anything does it?

Dream Big,

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