Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Less than $200 away from our TEAM GOAL

Since tomorrow is our last BIG meeting before the Relay for Life, I got on line tonight to check out my team's progress. Much to my pleasure, I discovered that the Dream Team is 167 dollars away from hitting our $20,000 dollar goal (and that is only one of the two dream teams...we've exceeded our goal when you add both teams together...and we still have 10 days to go). I am the proud team leader of some of the most amazing women I know. Thank you ladies....

I've got to arrange my schedule a little better because I missed another Taco Tuesday with my buddies. Instead, I took Rick's dad to the doctor for his 2 week check up (I took him to Costco for the first time on the way to his appointment...he was a little overwhelmed). He is actually feeling better and the doctor said his heart rate seems to be stabilizing. In a couple of weeks they are going to do a procedure at the hospital where they will do an echocardiogram from inside his body. They can get a good look at his leaky valve and see if it needs repairing. Let's hope it will be fine with meds and not surgery.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the San Juan Islands with my friend Crystal where she will accompany her 5th grade daughter on her Outdoor Education Program. I will be attending as the the mom of a 5th grade teacher who will also be on the trip. We're going to make a fun day of it (hopefully without too much rain). The ferry ride, the laughter and the friendship will be a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Tomorrow I'll be heading into the single digit countdown to 50... I can feel the wrinkles forming as we speak. I promise to wear those smile lines with pride :)

Dreaming Older and Bigger Every Day,

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your goal will be a piece of "birthday cake!!"