Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I've learned about cancer...

We all believe that cancer effects a certain part of your body. Hence, colon caner...we worry about your colon. Breast cancer we worry about your breast. But the truth about cancer is that the way to fix it it generally by putting poison into our veins and destroy bad cells along with the good cells. These good cells can be attached to your gums, or your joints, or your bones, or your hair follicles. And what seems to be an easy fix, turns into mini nightmares and unknown possibilities.

Rick's newest problem is a torn rotator cuff and a frozen shoulder. It's been bothering him for over 4 months, but he decided to pick his battles and just take care of the cancer first. Now the shoulder hurts so bad he doesn't even think of the cancer. Tonight, Angie stopped over and played Dr. Ang. She ran him through some exercises until he makes it to physical therapy on Tuesday. I know it's going to hurt more before it starts to feel better. We feel so fortunate to have someone in our household with the knowledge to help him through this battle.

I just worry about all of it. I want him to be pain free. I hope he will start to sleep better. I want the scan results on Wednesday to be positive. I like him to smile. I am so thankful for all the great things that have happened in our lives as well. Friendships are stronger, joy is brighter, Love is immeasurable...

Oh, and I also have to worry about me a little too. I'm sure everything is super dooper, but after the next scan we'll have a better handle on it. I will remind my oncologist that I'll be turning 50 in about 40 days so we need to find a way to keep me feeling well until then.

I'm getting to bed early tonight. I'm going to spend the day with Cathy to celebrate her 50th birthday. I'm telling you...all my friends are getting old right before my eyes. I'll wear sunglasses so I won't be spotted with all these old folks.

Love you more than all the tulips blooming in the Skagit Valley,
Dreaming Bigger than Ever~

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