Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

Tomorrow is scan and chemo day so we're staying in Seattle tonight as well as tomorrow night (I don't get results until Wednesday morning...) Melana is gone on a business trip so we'll take over her condo while she's gone. I meant, we'll take good care of it while she's gone.

Bob and Dy left to go back to Spokane this afternoon, I finished unpacking from Oregon and started packing for Seattle, then took care of some health stuff for my father-in-law. My folks stopped by this afternoon and I surprised them with their jar of oysters (yuk). All in all, it was a pretty uneventful but busy day. At least it took my mind off my scan and Rick's chemo.

Hopefully we'll be trying Northlake Tavern pizza tomorrow (for lunch or dinner). We hear about it all the time but have never tried it. If Rick's appetite cooperates, we'll give you our personal review.

I'm going to bring my laptop along this time and keep you posted on how things are going. I promise. :)

Dreaming about clear lungs,

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