Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The long and winding road to chemo

Today started very early here at the Schmitt house. 5:15am to be exact. Rick and I got up and showered, got our things in order then made the trek down to Seattle. Chemo was uneventful but we did have a chance to talk to his oncologist about all the shoulder pain that Rick had been suffering with. He encouraged us to find an orthopedic doctor in our area and he would send a referral to get things started. I contacted a doctor in Everett (that was referred by Erin - our family physical therapist and friend) and his office said they could see Rick this week if they would do the MRI at Seattle Cancer Care. If we had to wait for an MRI in Everett the appointment would not be until May sometime. Everyone did what they could, rearranged schedules, made calls and before we knew it....Rick was having an MRI before we ever left the building. While I was waiting patiently in the cafeteria with my friend Diana, a gentleman from human resources came in and offered us tickets to the Mariner game that started at 3:40. We were leaving the decision all up to Rick. If he felt up for it, then that's what we were going to do. Rick and I didn't come to Seattle prepared to go to a ballgame in the cold, so Rick bought us each a new Mariners sweatshirt at Safeco Field, my friend Diana and her husband Kelly brought us blankets and gloves (Rick can't stand cold hands and feet for about 10 days following treatment). We bundled up, met our friends, had a wonderful time, stayed through the 7th inning stretch then headed out (the Mariners were up 11-6 and we needed to get home before we fell asleep).

My throat is much better today (I think it may have been the change in weather that made it sore). I'm just very tired. We didn't get any shopping done. We didn't go to the Northlake Tavern for Pizza...but each of those things will be waiting for us the next time we have an appointment. Oh wait, that's next Monday. I think we'll live til then. :)

I'm attaching another photo of Rick and I from the game today, as well as one of our friends Diana and Kelly and their granddaughter. Go Mariners!

Good night, Dream Big....


Anonymous said...

What a neat surprise! I hope you enjoyed the game!


Anonymous said...

You guys are sooooooo amazing!!! You both look fabulous!!!
Hope your weeks goes as great as up look!!!
Love you lots