Saturday, February 02, 2008

Internet Interruptions

I'm not sure if it's the weather or what the problem is, but we have had trouble the past few days getting on the internet. Apparently, my internet service doesn't realize I need to write a blog on a daily basis.

I've got so much to share. Yesterday was an amazing day for me. I had a chance to meet up with my new friend Diana Lindsay who is a 21 month, stage 4 lung cancer survivor who never smoked, and who has been taking Tarceva just like me the whole time. We talked and shared our stories for over 4 hours and didn't even touch the surface. We're going to meet again, form a club, change the world.... Ok, for sure we're going to meet again. Hopefully, in Seattle between my appointment and Rick's on Wednesday. Our internal response to Tarceva was very much the same, but our external response was very different. She lost some of her hair, when it came back in it was very curly and she got a very bad rash (that has now gone away). We laughed a lot, cried a little (mostly me), and made a friendship connection that we may never have found if not for lung cancer. I've said this many times before but lung cancer has given me so much more than it has taken from me. After all our visiting, I forgot to take a photo. I'll try to remember to do that on Wednesday.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. My chest x-ray was fine. No pneumonia. My head is just pounding today because of sinus congestion...Other than that, we're just laying low. A little too much celebrating after Stanwood Boys Basketball beat undefeated Snohomish last night. We stayed out a little late with friends and family. I think we all just need a little extra sleep and maybe some food. Megan came up for the weekend so she and Jake celebrated with us.

Jake interviewed and was offered at long term leave teaching position for the rest of the school year. (5th grade at the school he did his student teaching...perfect fit) He doesn't start that job until March so he will continue to sub until then. He also got a job working part time at Sylvan Learning Center here in Stanwood. He will work about 10 hours a week for them after school. Yesterday was a busy day.

Amy is on her military drill weekend. She loves being in Tacoma instead of Spokane. Though she has many friends over there, the drive or flight over the pass once a month is something she isn't missing. Especially this weekend with the pass being closed and the blizzard conditions in Eastern Washington. Only problem....No Superbowl for her again this year. I'll TIVO it so she gets to see all the commercials oh, and the final score. Go Patriots!

Some high school teams get to play on Key Arena Court in Seattle today and Angie is one of the officials. She and Amy had the opportunity to play there during their high school career so it's really special that now she gets to be the referee for some other high school girls. She and her friend Shannon are going to the Sonic game after the high school game. Then it's up here to spend SuperBowl Sunday with us tomorrow.

I think this is all I have to say for now. Until tomorrow...Go Patriots!

Love you more than all the money spent on commercials tomorrow...

Dreaming Big,

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