Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy Life

My next couple of weeks are filled to the brim. I'm speaking on Wednesday night at the Skagit County Relay for Life Kick-off, then I have an interview with a Bellingham radio station on Friday (that's still tentative), on Saturday I'm giving a little pep talk to some basketball officials, then finally it's back to Bellingham next Thursday for the Whatcom County Relay for Life Kick Off. It's amazing to think that what I have to say can motivate others. Wow! Who would have known that the little girl who always got "talks too much" on her report cards would be actually saying something people want to hear?

Yesterday, we attended a memorial (celebration of life) for a friend. It was an amazing event. Vickie Cox was her name and in September of 2006 she did a video for her family and friends. Her family discovered it after her death. What an unbelievable way to say good bye. When we weren't laughing at her stories, we were crying from her heartfelt sorrow. I feel so blessed that Rick and I were able to be there for such a special occasion.

I've been falling asleep earlier than usual. I must need the beauty sleep :) Rick has been sleeping later than usual. We need to get on the same schedule or before long I'll be going to bed when he's waking up.

The wind has been blowing hard all day, the temperature has dropped and snow is starting to fall in the area. Be safe and stay warm.

Dreaming Big,

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