Monday, October 15, 2007

Magnificent Monday

Today was another great day. I went to the chiropractor and got some instant relief. I think my head is finally happy ;) I visited with my friend Cathy this morning over coffee at Starbuck's. This afternoon, I went with Jake to his follow-up ultrasound appointment and everything is fine. (Just like I knew it would be) Rick visited the oral surgeon again and went back on some new antibiotics as well as a low dose of Advil for the inflammation. Thankfully it wasn't a dry socket or a bad infection. Because it takes his body so long to heal, they just want to take precautionary measures by putting him back on an antibiotic. I couldn't agree more (remember, I'm almost a doctor).

Sometimes I feel like it's just one thing after another, but then I think of the alternative. I'm so happy to be here to experience and support my family and friends when they need me most. Or, when I need them.

I had a "moment" today with Cathy. We were in my office at home listening to "wedding/dance" music. I had her listen to some of my favorites. She cried (happy tears) as did I. Then I came to a song that I've always loved, "True Companion" by Mark Cohen. Although it's one of my favorite love songs and it makes me happy, I started crying. Only mine weren't happy tears. They were tears of fear/sadness/worry about not being around for what should be a very happy event. By then, my make-up was ruined and so was hers. Jake walked through the back door so we could leave for his appointment and saw the two of us in the bathroom trying to cover up our blotchy crying faces. I blamed it all on Cathy. She blamed me. That's what friends are for. I'm better now. I reminded myself that my track record in the lung cancer world is pretty darned impressive. I intend to keep up the pace.

So for now, I'm going to keep dreaming big....I'd like you to do the same.


CFCINA said...

YEAH -- So glad Jake's A-OK!!! What a great way to end my Monday by reading your blog entry!
I'm gonna keep dreaming big, just like YOU!

Take care - Kathy C.
A friend in Hillsboro

Jen Caine said...

I'm also very happy to hear that Jake is okay! I had to say that I was thinking of you the other day when I watched a show on Discovery Health Channel called "Crazy Sexy Cancer". It was about 2 hours long so I didn't get to sit and watch it straight through. But it was a documentary about a woman who has cancer and it follows her through everything. Appointments, daily life, deciding whether to get married or not and it turns out she has cancer in a few spots that just aren't growing and she simply lives with cancer. They are untreatable like yours, but she has learned to live with it and keep it stable, just as you are. I hope you get a chance to watch the show sometime. It was very encouraging and inspiring. I hope that you have the same "Crazy Sexy Cancer" that keeps you around for a long time and defies modern medicine. Sending you and your family all my love! BTW-Can't wait to meet you on November 3rd at our Portland Relay U! We are excited to meet you and Angie and honored to have you speak!

Jen Caine
Relay For Life of East Clark County