Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Time to Spread the Word

Beginning tomorrow morning we can officially say that it is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. I know about it; you know about it but I want us to get the word out to everyone else. I am going to make it my mission to convince businesses to write the message, "November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month" on their reader-boards. I am going to check into making fliers and sticking them on pizza delivery boxes. I will check into fundraising outside of a grocery store this month. I am going to do everything that I can to educate the public about the importance of funding this horrible disease. What are you going to do to help spread the word?

I would like to collect photographs of the reader-boards from any business that will participate in this cause. I will recognize them for thier efforts. Let's make it happen!

Dreaming BIG!


Anonymous said...

Already done Angie. I put it up this morning.
I hope you saw it.


Anonymous said...

No, I didn't see it. I was not in Stanwood today. Thanks for do it!


Anonymous said...

Who's Garry?

Anonymous said...

Lung Cancer Awareness Month begins now. Wear your White Ribbons I have mine on in memory of my Dad who passed away from Lung Cancer in 1994!

Your Family is an inspiration to us all! Have a RELAY great month!

Anonymous said...

I am adding to my autosignature, along with information on early detection symptoms. My husband passed in 2000 from lung cancer, and had we known, maybe it wouldn't have progressed to stage 4 before it was caught....