Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pinch Me

Today we had fun being tourists (looking at the stars on Hollywood Boulevard - the one's on the sidewalk...not the real ones). It was a laid back kind of day, we just went with the flow.

This afternoon, our friend (my ex-sister in law) Debbie and her husband met us at the hotel and we visited for a couple of hours. It had been 15 years since the girls saw her so it was great to get together again.

Tonight, we had dinner here at the hotel with Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexa Davis on General Hospital). She is incredible. We are meeting her tomorrow morning to visit the set of GH as well as check out the set of Grey's anatomy, and have lunch in the ABC commissary. We talked for hours about famous people and places, then got serious about lung cancer. She is going to be an important voice for this cause. (during dinner Nancy's daughter Kate and I went out in the lobby and talked to whichever Olson twin we saw last night)

"We're going to get over this brick wall one way or another, I'm sure of that".
Nancy Lee Grahn

After our ABC tours, we are going to the ELLEN SHOW...I am so excited. This trip has been a wonderful experience for the girls and I and we're only half way through it.

I have so much to share about these past few days but I'm really exhausted. I'll write more later and attach photos.

Dancing Big,


Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen,
Myrna and I have been in Hawaii the past 10 days reading your blog together. I am so excited for you and the girls to be on the Ellen show I can't wait to see your dance moves.

Love Beccy

Anonymous said...

Party on!!