Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New and Improved

I hope you like my new and improved blogsite. I thought I should spruce it up so you all stay interested. You know what's funny... a year and a half ago I didn't even know what a BLOG was, and now I am one.

I am getting very good at giving Rick his shots. He prefers shots of Crown Royal, but I've been giving him Lovenox instead. I think they would both thin his blood....but we're going to "stick" with what the Doctor ordered. My doctorate should be coming in the mail soon. I've been getting my degree online with "You've gotta be kidding me University". When I tell our ridiculous story out loud, I hardly believe it and I've seen the medical reports.

Nothing new to report...except...we got a Wii in the mail today. Dy found one for us in Idaho (she also got one for herself). Wii are going to be so good at it. I think this wiikend, we are going to have Wiihawk Sunday. Ok, I'm done with my silliness for tonight.

Dreaming Big,


Doreen said...

Wii can hardly wait to play it with you this wiikend. Wii are excited for you.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Just wiimember to put on that wrist strap, wii've seen you bowl! Susie and Pat

Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh. I love your sense of humor and you! Enjoy your Wii, but don't let it keep you up into the wii hours! Thinking of you and Rick always. Andrea

Dave in MT said...

Interesting post, Doreen, and interesting comments Angie and anonymous. I can't help but wonder if wii have been hitting the Crown Royal already...? :)