Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Memo from Dr. Doreen

Just about the time we settle into our daily routine...we get a new one. Change, it keeps us moving.

Today we went back to SCCA and had a lesson on how to inject Rick in the abdomen with a drug called Lovenox. I find it ironic that the one I love will feel a little extra pain from me with a drug involving the word "Love" in it. I gave him his second dose in the parking lot of SCCA so we could be on a "normal" time routine ~ whatever "normal" is anymore. For this first week he'll recieve 2 doses per day, then he will continue to have a shot once a day for as long as he has chemo. This is a little different from the original 2 week plan I thought we were on. But, if it helps...we're doing it. Rick will have to be monitored a little closer than usual since his blood will be very thin. He has already had a bloody nose once today. Although he is not thrilled about it, Rick will be spending the next day or so lying down. The pain is great enough that when he gets up and does too much, he doesn't have any choice but to lie back down.

All of this new excitement has allowed me to take the focus off scan day which is coming up 2 weeks from tomorrow. Rick and I are still looking for a healthy body to use as parts...we need lungs, liver, better vision, and thicker hair. We've checked e-bay and craigslist, so far..No Luck!

I need to go back a few days and tell you how much fun we had at the Cougar game on Saturday. We woke up to a phone call from my friend and fellow Coug Mom, Rosalie (who works at a t-shirt shop) who had shirts made for us with Romeen Abdollmahamedi's name on the back (he is the kicker for the cougs I talked about last week). So, while we sat next to his parents, we were stylin'. We rode the Sounder Transit Train to the game with Janeen and her family. Fun, stress free, and full of Cougar fans. We met Jake and Megan at the stadium and had a chance to visit with them before they went to the student (or Alumni) section. It was a great way to spend the day.

If these past couple of days haven't been enough of a wake-up call for me on why I need to take time off work, I'm not sure what I need to smack me in the head.

I'm off to give my Ricky his second shot of the day. I don't think either of us are thrilled about that.

I love you more than my children hate cancer.

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Dave in MT said...

Speaking of the Cougs, we had a visit from a retired couple in Arlington; they had some questions on history and railroads along the Stilly. Before the left they gave us a gift, a can of Cougar Gold cheese. Looking forward to it; I've heard of it but have never had any. Remember, I went to the Evergreen State College for a while and their mascot is the Geoduck. Meaning, if they have any alumni food products, I have no interest in them whatsoever. I'm assuming that the Huskies have...dog biscuits? (ooooooh!)