Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heading Home

We're sitting in the airport with happy hearts. The past 4 days have been wonderful but it's time to head back to the real world. We won't have anyone picking us up in a limo to go to the store, or work. We won't be calling room service for morning coffee and toast. But, we will be HOME in our own beds and that is a place I've been missing.

Rick hasn't been feeling well lately. I guess he started having (chemo related) dental aches after I left so he went to the dentist today. They have him on an antibiotic for an infection, but the pain is pretty intense. I hope he's feeling better by the time we get home. He didn't sleep well last night so hopefully having me back home will help. :)

Our original plan was to head to Disneyland this morning, but instead, we took our time getting ready, boarded a limo at noon, went to Malibu (Paradise Cove) for lunch and a walk on the beach. Bonnie was the official photographer of the day...

Lunch at the beach was fabulous and filling. We ate way too much, took silly pictures and wished the day wouldn't end. Bonnie reminded us that trip might be ending but not our journey together.

The girls and I had the opportunity to "really" get to know Bonnie and it's a unanimous vote...We all feel like we've known her forever. Now we need to get to know the rest of her family as well. She is the most genuine, loving, funny, Flinstone toed woman I've ever met.

Love you more than all the blisters on the backs of my heels from dancing with my new best friend....(Ellen)

Dreaming Huge-gantic,


Dave in MT said...


I am reminded of Mothra and some of Godzilla's other worthy adversaries. How about starting a collection in other languages? Here's a couple to get you started:

Drömme Stor (although the ö should be an o with a slash; my keyboard won't do it.)

Dream Big, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen,

You go girl!!! I watched the Ellen show when I got home last night (thank goodness for DVR). I am just thrilled for you that you got this opportunity. Dancing with Ellen, WOW!!!!! Also going on the set of GH and Grey's, AWESOME!!! I'll be thinking of you this week!! God Bless!
Dreams do come true,

Anonymous said...

Hey you,
You looked great on the Ellen show! So glad you and the girls had such a wonderful time....I can hear "Dancing with the Stars" calling you now!!

Jana Shaughnessy