Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stanwood High School, "I love you"

Today I had an out of body experience while answering the phone at work. I answered an incoming call by saying, "Stanwood High School, I love you". I was so embarrassed, I hung up the phone. I'm sure the woman on the other end of the receiver was asking herself, what did that woman just say to me? Now, I know many of the staff at our district office read this blog daily, so I would appreciate it if you would break the news gently to our Superintendent that I had a little slip of the tongue. I could have said something damaging to our reputation, but instead I told her I loved her. I hope she votes yes on our next school bond.

What's ironic about this was an all district conference about harassment. You know, what's appropriate to say to others, how you can touch them, where you can touch them. I think I flunked the test. I hug everyone, and I tell strangers I love them. What can be more uncomfortable than that? Go me now.

Many people told me today that they watched a show on TLC last night called Crazy, Sexy, Cancer. I think I have that. Ok, maybe not the sexy part, but definitely the crazy part. Apparently, the young woman who had an incurable kind of cancer went on a "raw food" diet and the cancer has just "gone away". I would love to try it but my macaroni and cheese, and popcorn would be way too crunchy if I didn't cook them. I know this is a serious topic and perhaps I should think seriously, but I can't imagine my last meal being a glass of wheat grass and carrot juice. I'm not putting the concept completely out of my head, I'll just put it in the back of the refrigerator with the cancer I'm still trying to digest.

I had a few visitors at work today. Larry Libby, my personal photographer (pop-a-razzi is what I'm going to start calling him) and his grandchildren came by the office to say hello and take a few snapshots. I asked him to only take photos of my skinny parts and he said I didn't have any left. Honesty, that's what I love most about Larry. I've attached a couple of the shots. Hope you enjoy them.

My dear friend Kim and I went to lunch today. She is home (from Palm Springs) for a few days until she leaves for Bali. Her family is building an orphanage on the island and she and her husband are going to fly there to check out the progress. To make this all seem a little more believable, we ate lunch at Taco time. Is this life I live a "made for TV" movie or what? Honestly, the people in my life are amazing. If you put yourself in their company often, you begin to think like they do.

Jake and I got to see the slide show and hear the speech tonight for the American Cancer Society. It was true to Amy and Angie's heart. The photo selection and words they've used captured our attention immediately, and we already knew the story. I can't wait for others to experience it.

I love you more than all the families who will take their final vacation of the summer this coming weekend. Be safe. Be sane. Be good.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Is there a way we, who can't go, can see it?

Anonymous said...

New tumor sorting may aid lung cancer patients
This article appears on CNN website under health - please read it as you may find it beneficial.

Thoughts & prayers are with you