Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Let me start by saying...I went to bed late, got up late. My mom and dad came by our house this morning and we celebrated Father's Day. We went to brunch at my sister-in-laws to celebrate Father's Day on Rick's side of the family. Immediately after leaving Vickie and Tom's, we went to 2 different graduation parties... Congratulations, Zach, Nicole and Krystle. Whew....Long day. Good times. Amy, Angie, Jake, Rick and I spent the day traveling from one event to another. Just like old times.

When we got home from the last party, around 6:00pm we had a visitor. Beverly Wheeler-Kopp. She has been a family friend for many years (she also used to babysit for us). Cancer brought us back together. In August of 2005, Bev's mom died of lung cancer. 1 day after she was diagnosed. This year she became very involved with Relay for Life in Stanwood (although she doesn't even live here anymore). You may have seen her carrying around 2 cameras most of the event. Long story short....which I don't do very well, Bev was waiting for us to give us 3 incredible gifts (besides the 3 we already have in Amy, Angie and Jake). She made a video of the Relay (over 300 photos) that includes people I never saw, angles I never envisioned, and a view of this amazing event in a way I had never imagined. I am going to add a link for you to view it as soon as she sends it to me. It is wonderful. She also gave us a frame with 2 photos of our family in black and of the 5 of us holding hands looking forward, and one with the back of the 5 of us holding hands, and in the middle is the saying "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." This give was a moment that took my breath away. Then she brought 2 photo albums filled with all the amazing photos she took during the event. I've attached a photo of Bev with Rick and I tonight. If you look at her very carefully, you can see a halo over her head. I'm pretty sure she's our angel. Her acts of love and kindness will stay with our family forever. Thanks Bev, for the best gifts ever...the one's from the heart.

I hope your Father's Day was a memorable one. I got to see the greatest father's I know today. My Dad & My Ricky. How lucky can a girl get?

Love you more than all the Dad's in the World...
Big Dreaming Dor

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Anonymous said...

From the heart~ ones passion is "Priceless" when it can be shared with family, friends and a great community that came together for a special event... RFL 2007

I enjoyed my visit with your family! xoxoBeverly