Monday, June 18, 2007

Everything is moving at a rapid pace - except me

We just saw Rick's newest doctor on Thursday (in Spokane). He assured us he would know something from the insurance company within 48 working hours. I thought, isn't that nice that this young Doctor is a wishful thinker? His office called our house this morning (less than 46 business hours after we'd been to see him) with an ok from the insurance company. Can you believe it? Wait...there's more. He was ordering the radioactive microspheres today, Rick is having the angiogram on Monday the 25th, we're staying in Spokane and they are doing the first treatment on the 28th...just as he said (only now we don't have to drive back over to Spokane 10 days later - we'll just stay there until the first radioactive treatment is complete) Thank God for our friends Bob and Dy. It's so nice to stay in a familiar place with people you love when you've got so much on your plate.

My cough is really kicking my behind in the mornings and evenings. I've promised Rick that I will stop by Dr. Eaton's office tomorrow to have someone listen to my lungs while we're at SCCA for his chemo. I better make sure I'm not getting "pneumonia" or something awful like that. That's not funny is it? Ok, I'm sorry. I just want to lighten up the conversation.

This past year I've learned more about lungs, colons, livers and breasts than I ever thought possible. I swear...if I learn about one more body part, I will have my physician's assistant certification. Oh, although I know a lot about these body parts...please don't ask me to check yours for you. There is only so much I can do for my friends.

Remember....Dreams do come true,



Anonymous said...

How can we see that slide show?

Anonymous said...

so happy to hear Rick's news. We will all be waiting to hear how it goes. Love you, Jana

Amy Schmitt said...

In order to watch the slideshow all you have to do is click on the actual title called "LINK TO THE RELAY FOR LIFE SLIDESHOW." It will take you directly to it.