Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seattle Cancer Care News

Our scans came back today with great results. No change in my lungs and Rick's tumors keep shrinking. I'm always happy to deliver this news because it's good. What's weird today is that I don't feel very happy. Oh, I'm happy and rested from our weekend at Desert Aire. But, today I realized that whenever we go to the Cancer Care Alliance it's not to hear "it looks like your cancer is in remission, or there are no signs of tumors" instead, we go hoping for no changes. To a Stage 4 cancer patient, No change (when you're feeling good) means great quality of life, and more time. Stage 4 does not have to mean we stop living. But it does mean we'll never live without cancer in our bodies. That realization stings like a slap in the face. I guess it's because we feel good most of the time that we FORGET what's really going on inside our bodies. After a visit with our doctors, who are very hopeful for great quality of life, and continued success with our treatments, we also get a dose of our future. Sometimes, that pill is hard to swallow.

Enough about that. Let me tell you that Desert Aire was warm and wonderful, except for the 60 mile an hour winds we had on Sunday. (ok, I may have exaggerated about the speed of the wind, but if you didn't have any meat on your bones, you could have blown away...) Rest and laughter is good for the soul. We got our share of both.

It is Relay For Life Week at the Schmitt house so we have to concentrate on having a successful Event! I'm so proud of our committee, our kids & our community. I can't wait to see everyone out there with their tennis shoes and smiles on. This is an amazing event that will change someone's life. It's changed mine.

Keep beliving in miracles,
Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

Great news!!! So excited about the relay. See you all Friday!