Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog #300

I find it unbelieveable that after 300 entries on this website, you are all still reading this. I can't tell you how moving it is that so many people show genuine care and concern for our family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rick is doing pretty well after treatment this time. He was a little slow moving yesterday morning but by afternoon, I think he was doing pretty well. I can't believe that he's been through 4 months of chemo already. Thank goodness it's all been working great. His newest CEA number is 2.8.

I was invited to an awards ceremony last night by a Stanwood High School student, Lori Jadwin. Students were asked to honor teachers or someone in the education field who had impacted their life. Many teachers, administrators and my good friend Janeen were all there as well. It was a very nice program and we all felt honored to be there. Thanks Lori!

My new medication for my side pain really seems to be working (in a double way). I take it at night with my sleep meds, and I'm here to tell you...once my head hits the pillow, I'm out. I also haven't been waking up because of my back/side ache at all.

We just looked out our window and we saw 2 beautiful deer in our back yard. Well they're beautiful at least until they eat all the blooms off my flowers, or poop in the yard...

I'm just rambling....because that's what I do best, so I'll let you go get some work done.

Love you more than all the blooming lilac trees :)

Dreaming Big,

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