Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Doreen's Check-Up...

I had a monthly doctor's visit today in Seattle. One of the neat things about going to the Seattle Cancer Care or the University of Washington is that they are teaching hospitals. So, many times you don't just see your doctor, but rather your doctor and someone else. Today's guest was actually a new oncologist pharmacist. Dr. Eaton was proud to say "Doreen is a great patient who has shown no apparent side effects". I could have told him that over the phone but he reminded me I am not a doctor. So, I need to have bloodwork every month and scans every few months. He told me I needed to start taking my medication to help me sleep better but I don't want to depend on them to make me sleep. He said, this will be the least of my worries. Take the pills, get some sleep and who knows, I might feel rested, perky, alert. After my appointment, my sister in law Dawn and niece Darlena and I went to Pike Place Market for a couple of hours. We enjoyed our day, I got a couple of hydrangas, and we watched the ferries come in while we were having lunch. When we returned home, I went outside (it was a beautiful day) and painted our front porch. It looks terrific. Now, I need to get some flower boxes planted (or perhaps buy some new ones). If you have to go to Seattle for a doctors appointment, why not make a day of it?

I know Amy told you about our friend, Mike Chandler, but I'd like to add a little more to the story. About 10 years ago, Mike became very ill and needed a kidney transplant. At that time we didn't know if Mike would make it out of the hospital. After much searching, it was discovered that his wonderful wife Becky, was a match. Mike's transplant was a success until a few years ago, at which time he had to go back on dialiysis. Though we will all miss Mike, I'm sure he would tell you how blessed he felt to have those extra 10 years that were nearly taken from him. I was fortunate to know Mike in many different roles; Coach, Co-Worker and Friend - all of which he could talk your ear off about if you had the time. He will be dearly missed. :)

Tonight's dinner menu: Mini teryaki meatloaves, mashed red potatoes (with the skins on) and cooked carrots. Does this sound like down home cookin' or what? I'm not sure why I told you what we were having for dinner...but you know me RANDOM THOUGHTS (my new middle name).

I have a couple of errands to run tonight before I head for bed. So good-bye, sleep well and dream big dreams.

Love, Dor

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