Monday, January 01, 2007

So Far 2007 Looks Great!

We've made it through about 18 uneventful hours in 2007. Let's hope it continues.

Today Rick talked his way into going down to his office to gather up some work to do at home... I'm sure this is why our children are such over- achievers. They watch their dad take his cane to work on New Year's Day to straighten things out at the office. I love him for his hard work ethic but he's going to make me crazy. I just want him to get better. (By the way, he says the same thing about me...) He is feeling better each day but I still think he is over doing it. What do I know? Like the kids always say "we're just a few credits short of our doctorate".

I want to thank all our friends and family who dropped food and goodies off this weekend. Everything tasted great, but if I keep eating what Rick doesn't, you'll need to bring me some elastic waist pants. How did we get so lucky to have you in our lives?

I know I haven't talked about it lately, but I'm sitting here in our new office where I feel completely at peace. Amy, Angie and Jake are such a blessing to us and their gift of this room couldn't have been more perfect. Stop by. I'd love to show it off. (It looks much better in person)

I'm exhausted tonight. I find when I get really tired, I tend to cough more. Today I coughed a lot. I promised Rick I would get some good sleep tonight so I would be refreshed to tackle tomorrow with whatever came our way.

Love you more than all the New Year's Resolutions that will be broken by tomorrow. :(

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Slice-a-rooo..

Its always nice to read the updates on my fav. family... I was going to call you but figured that the phone would be busy well after the new year... I always want to be the first caller to all my friends... It never works out that way,I wonder why??? What a goof I am.....

Please tell that man of yours to keep his fanny out of his office (Work)!! I guess I shouldn't expect any different from either of you!! :) Love that about the two of you... You go getters!!!

I know what the office looked like before and looking at it now on the blog, its most awesome!! Like I said I would love for them to help me out with their Martha Stewart abilities....Nice Job!!

Well I just wanted to let you know that I love you all, and Hope that the New Year brings happy times, More love then you know what to do with, and good times with friends and family.. Biggest Hugs and lots of Pegster Love.... Peace out....Me:)