Saturday, December 09, 2006

Holiday Visitors

This week at work I had a couple of visitors who I hadn't seen in a while. Rick's cousin Shellee and her little boy Landen stopped by (Landen actually fell on his nose on the way in so he wasn't as happy to see me as I was to see him). I've been promising Shellee that I would get down her way to visit, but she couldn't wait any longer. I'm glad she got impatient with me...

Today, Kellie (Heuett) Barton came up to see us from Tacoma. Kellie is a friend of the family who lived with us for a while when she first moved over from Spokane. She brought her little step daughter, Chloe who was a little charmer. We went to lunch at Kellie's favorite spot...Jimmy's Pizza. Angie, Erin, Amy, Kellie, Chloe and I had a wonderful visit. We need to do it again soon. Kellie promised me we would do it again within the next 2 years. Reason #12,785 to live.

Rick has been out putting up Christmas lights today. I wish I could be more help outside, but between the cough and the "boot on my foot" he might be better off without my assistance. Amy is still at the house so maybe she can help her dad.

My new meds are helping with sleep and the cough. I know it seems foolish sometimes to just take a pill for discomfort or minor problems, but I also think this isn't the time to change my health care plan. So, I'm sticking with whatever seems to be working.

Rick and I will be heading out to a Christmas party this evening, so I'd better go get ready. I promise to write more tomorrow (between Christmas shopping and football). Have a safe rest of the weekend.

16 days 'til Christmas ~ don't forget to be NICE, not NAUGHTY... Santa's watching!

Dreaming Dor

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Anonymous said...

We had a good time visiting with you too Doreen. I'm sorry that Landen wasn't too happy at the beginning, but he seemed to get better after the shock of his bloody nose went away. We will have to do it again soon. I will come up and see you again if I have too. I don't want it to be that long again before we see you again.

Take care,
Love, Shellee & Rudolf (aka Landen)