Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Here's the deal....

Today was a very long day for our family and friends. Many of us arrived at the hospital around noon and most of us did not leave until 9:00 pm. The doctors performed the laproscopic surgery (rather than cutting him wide open) which will speed up his recovery time. They removed just under a foot of colon from his right side including the lymph nodes in the area. The cancer is considered to be a stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lymph nodes. Unfortunately the tumors in his liver are a very serious concern for his team of doctors. Dad will spend the next 3+ days at the hospital while the doctors monitor his progress. During this time we will be contacting the wonderful doctors at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to set up an appointment for Dad. We promise to keep you all posted on any changes that take place.

Thank you to the many friends and family that have been so kind and generous to us in this time of need-

Living Strong,



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Doreen, Rick, Amy, Angie and Jake, we're praying and sending our best energy to all of you. You are always close in our hearts and our thoughts.
Love always, Len and Mark

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I am Heather's mother (Pam's daughter-in-law's mom). I wanted you to know that my entire family has you and Rick in their prayers. You are two very strong people and I know if anyone is going to beat this that you two will.
All our best and all our love,

I'm Dreamin Big.....

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Our thoughts and prayers are with your beautiful family that is so full of love. Love, Link, Val, Krystle, and Lee Wilkerson

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Dor, Rick, Amy, Angie and Jake-

My thoughts are prayers are with all of you at this difficult time. You are such an amazing family - so strong, so loving - and I know if anyone can overcome all of these obstacles, its the Schmitts.

Keep dreaming big, keep praying, and I promise I will to.

Lots of Love,

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To all of you ~ Matt and I have all of you in our prayers, we were crushed to learn about Rick, but know that as a family you can and will beat this!

Angie, Amy, and Jake ~ Please let us know what we can do to help. Everyone at school will be anxious to do anything, I would love to focus some of that love into something your family could use rather then 20 lasagna's :-) Please call us or stop by the school and talk to either one of us. Our phone number is 629-6577.

All of our prayers are with you.

Rita and Matt Brennan