Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

The doc confirmed that nothing is broken but that I will need to be patient with the healing process. He gave me permission to shop on Friday...(well, I think he said something like that, I might not have been listening just then)

I've done all my shopping, Jake straightened up the house today while I was at work, the girls are coming over early to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner, Rick is getting ready to stoke up the turkey fryer... This year more than ever, we have so much to be thankful for.

Rick has been feeling under the weather lately (not just since the flu) so he went in for a check up today. His EKG was a little weird so they're going to run more tests on his heart next week. If his love for me is any indication how his heart is doing, I'll say it's as strong as ever. He has low iron too (so I've decided he will have to do all the ironing...I'm not sure if it will help...but it can't hurt). Stress can certainly do a number on our bodies and Rick's body is no exception. I reminded him today how much I need him around so he has to stop worrying about me and start worrying about getting himself better. He told me to follow my own advice. I think we're a lost cause. Look what happens as we start to get old... We forget who we're suppose to be worrying about.

I'll try to write more tomorrow before my guests arrive. If I don't get a chance, have your happiest Thanksgiving ever. In case you think you might eat too much dinner, nibble on dessert first. (There's nothing like good ol' pumpkin pie for an appetizer)

Dream a dream for me,

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