Monday, November 20, 2006

Short Week

I've always liked the week of Thanksgiving, at work. It seemed like we just got started, then before you knew it, the week was over. With my gimpy foot, I'm limping in late then heading home early. I'm bringing work home with me so it's not like I'm just sitting around doing nothing...but tomorrow is already Tuesday...then it will be Wednesday (half day) then no work until next Monday. I feel a little guilty... Ok, I'm over it.

This sounds so redneck when I say it, but Rick is going to deep fry the turkey again this year. For those of you who have never tried it cooked that way...come on over. It is the juiciest bird we've ever had. I still put a small bird in the oven so I can have drippings for gravy, but deep fried really is the best. Last year, Rick cooked 5 different turkeys for friends and family. It only takes about 3 minutes per pound. So, a 20 pound turkey is done in about an hour...

Since my diagnosis, I have been very lucky to connect and/or reconnect with some wonderful people. I run into folks everyday who say "Oh, Doreen, I read your blog all the time" and I'm amazed. Why would anyone want to read my words? Is it so they can keep up with the local sporting news? Perhaps gather some cooking tips? Find out what I'm getting everyone for Christmas? I'm not sure why you've all stuck with my yadda yadda, but I'm so glad you have. I love to share my life. Both the great and the clumsy versions. I'm excited to let you know that I'm feeling better than I expected to. I can't wait to share pictures of the holidays. I'm just happy that you want to be a part of my life. I'm glad to be a part of yours.

Turkey Day is just around the corner (then I get to put my "FAKE" tree up - I think I'll do it before Jake goes back to college, I know he's really excited about it)

Love you BIG,


Nicole said...

Hey!! Didn't get to talk to you much today, so I thought I would pop in and say hi and that I love you more then the number of papers I still need to file!! hahahaha I will get on that tomorrow!! See you soon (tomorrow morning during 2nd per. I hope) Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Were deep fryin' on the Island and pullin' the ol' tree out of the box also!
Glad to hear your feeling better foot and all.
Enjoy your holidays Dor and family.
Happy 7 months :)

Kelly and Morgan

Anonymous said...

Little lady, lemme let you in on one of life's little secrets:

Red neck
White socks
Blue ribbon beer

Now THAT'S American!

Have fun dippin' that bird. Remember, there's open flames so no farting!

--Dave in MT

Doreen said...

I am not too excited about the "FAKE" tree, but I would take that fake tree with the family anytime. I love you.

Doreen said...

Oh by the way that was Jake