Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I intended to write earlier but after dinner I went straight to bed. I told you last night I was feeling a little under the weather and as today went on, my symptoms got worse. Because this is my first "full fledged cough/cold" since the diagnosis, I wasn't sure what to expect from my body. After work I stopped by my family doc to have him listen to my lungs. He said he could start to hear crackling in my lungs (a sign that pneumonia could be right around the corner...) so he started me on an antibiotic right away. Even though I've been feeling great all these months, I know my respitory system is compromised so I need to take extra special care of myself. If nothing else, this cough is making me have a deep raspy voice so I sound a little sexy (which isn't always an asset if you answer the phone all a high school...."Hello...this is Doreen....what can I do for you...?")

In case I've forgotten to mention it lately, I am very grateful for all the love and support I get from all of you each day. From my childhood friends and family, to my dear close friends, to my newest friends whom I've just met, you give me so much hope and courage I can't imagine sharing this journey with anyone else.

I don't like these serious blogs. With that being said, intend to get well soon so I can lighten up my writing. I think you all appreciate my warped sense of humor so I'll try to get it back.

Love you more... 'nuff said..

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Get some rest and feel better soon. Love you, Andrea

Anonymous said...

With weather like this..... It's a perfect excuse to jump into those pj's and snuggle up beside your fireplace and relax. Maybe a little dancing with the stars finale tonight!!! GO EMMIT :) Thinking about you too.

Love you more than how many times your phone rang today :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Slice-a-roooooo, Sorry to hear that your under the weather? Need any Chicken soup? I am not good with homemade but I know how to open a can!!:)

Its been awhile since we've talked and it sounds as if San. Fran. was a good trip other then Rick getting sick... I can't wait to hear more, and see some Pic's....

The meeting was good, and I think that we could end up with more teams then expected.. It sould prove to be a very good year our Relay For Life!!!! In are little town...

Well I just wanted you to know that I am still here and that I miss you, and that I love you, and that we need some time to hang together....You let me know if you need anything Ok..... Love you lots,and forever!!!!! Pegster

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen,
I'm glad San Fran was such a fun and fabulous time, love to see more pictures and hope you feel
better soon!

Love Beccy