Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day one of my coffee fund

I took my lunch break early today (around breakfast time) and met my friend Cathy at Starbuck's. As usual, we had a wonderful time. Today we tried a non-fat, maple, extra hot, macchatio in a real coffee mug. I should actually be getting some kind of kick back from Starbuck's since I seem to mention them in every other blog. Even though Cathy ended up buying this morning (she won a challenge), I still put my portion into the pot. (Let me clarify that. Not pot, as in "medical marijuana", but rather pot as in "fund") Please let me remind you, I never beginning with medical marijuana seems like a stupid place to start. I'm sure I lose brain cells everyday from all the meds I take, the last thing I need to do is lose brain cells and get the munchies. I can't fit into any of my clothes as it is. Ok, enough of that talk.

I'm heading to Portland with a bunch of girlfriends this weekend for a Women's Conference. I'm looking forward to all the laughing (and shopping) that I'm sure we'll be doing. I do have a trip to San Francisco I need to get ready for. Rick will be home holding down the fort and waiting for me to get home so he can carry all my packages in the house. (The only reason I'm going to shop in Portland is because they have NO SALES TAX. Think of all the money I'll save!)

Today was my massage day. I'm sorry to "rub" it in, but it was fabulous. I think I'll head to bed now so I can wake up refreshed in the morning.

Reason #9,458 to keep living...MASSAGES ~

We're only a BREATH AWAY FROM THE CURE, so Dream Big!
Love U, Doreen

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