Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What a wonderful evening

Today after work I had the pleasure of joining some friends from work on our friend Shelley's, 34ft. boat. We boarded the boat in Everett and traveled around the Everett Harbor then down to Edmonds. The weather was perfect. The food was great (we had chicken and ceasar salad). But best of all....I was with my wonderful friends. While the boat was coasting, they let me catch jellyfish in a net...I know it doesn't sound exciting but when you put them on crackers they make a wonderful appetizer. (Just kidding...) I felt like a kid at the fair trying to win a goldfish. We laughed almost non-stop, admired the scenery, and marveled at the sunset. We really are surrounded by beauty. It's easy to forget that I have cancer on days like today. Perhaps I should do this more often.

Tomorrow night is my support group again but I haven't decided if I'm going or not. I think tonight may have been all the support I need for now. Thank you friends for making my day so special and thank you Rick for understanding how days like today make me so happy.

Dream Big, Dor

Happy 16th birthday Leah....I love you like one of my own.


Linda9761 said...

I've found such inspiration from reading your blog each day. Thank you! Our roots go way time flies by! It's great to hear about your life and I'm so happy that you love, and that you are so loved!...and especially, that you recognize the value therein. I'm thinking of you every day. I'll share with you one of my favorite inspirational sayings: "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles...It empties today of its strength!"
It's my mantra...and I hope you find it inspirational too! Keep the faith...Dream Big
Linda St. Jean (Pearson)

Anonymous said...

Morning Slice....

Out on the big boat without me?? What's up with that?? Sunsets? And Jelly Fish?? Sounds most awesome!!!

I wish that I could of seen you laughing and enjoying, cuz girl when you laugh you bring so much love to the table!!

You need to save some time for me too ya know!! I am feeling a little left out!! lol,lol,lol... Its all good my friend glad that you enjoyed, I'm sure that the sunset was breath taking...

Love you more then a silly Jelly Fish....And I do like silly Jelly Fish!!!! Love you Sweet One. Pegster

Kevin Erickson said...

You do know that Spongebob Squarepants is the world's best jellyfish netter right? Sounds like he could teach you a few things.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of the Mosquito Fleet? Once upon a time, when Stanwood was Centerville and Florence was a happenin' town, there used to be a fleet of ferry-like boats that used to plod up and down the coast, transporting people and goods. Yep, this is all pretty much pre-roads too. These stalwart little ships had regular stops, although if you needed a ride all you had to do was stand on the shore and wave a bandana and they'd pick you up. In fact, these same ships would plod up the rivers to Snohomish, etc. So what you did for fun was actually a way of life for people that lived in the area over 100 years ago!
--Dave in MT