Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Saturday

Finally, a weekend with no plans. Though I love all the fun things I've been doing lately, I'm really looking forward to just hanging out around home this weekend. I'm hoping this beautiful weather holds out until I get my outside jobs done. The kids are coming over for football tomorrow for a day of food and fun(let me clarify that...we'll be watching not playing football). Jake will be in Pullman but we'll talk to him a time or two during the day :(

I'm feeling great, but I do have a rough time getting up in the mornings. I used to pop out of bed and get I'm Puff the magic draggin'. Maybe I can grab a nap today. That always helps.

I'll write more later (when I actually wake up). Enjoy this beautiful autumn weekend and keep dreaming big.

Love you more,
(Hey, I'm a poet...and I didn't even know it)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good Mid-Morning Slice-a-rooooooo

How goes it? Glad that your going to actually hang at home, maybe I'll be able to catch you for some Conversation later??

I am going with the Hawks?? Even know I am totally calling The Bears out to be a Slammin team this year!! I know its still early but I just feel it?? See what my boys have done to me!! Sports, Sports, and more Sports!! Love it though.:)

Okay Puff, I mean Slice, I am thinking bout you as always, try not to over do the yard stuff, and if you need any help just call on me, and I'll be there, Yes I will~~~~~Peace out Homeslice!!! Pegster:)