Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vacation Ideas...

We're thinking about a family trip this summer and we're looking for some ideas. We've had some great offers but many of them are too hot at this time. Do you have a favorite spot you like to visit? If you have any thoughts, drop us a comment. I'm thinking Disneyland because it's the happiest place on earth...however, every kid and their parent who will be out of school (in a matter of days) also like the idea of Disneyland. So my timing isn't good.

I feel good about taking time off from work now. My part-time replacement will do a great job (plus she'll have the help of Pam, Janeen, Krystle & Morgan - whether she wants it or not :) Before long they'll be running the place. It really does make taking time off easier to deal with when you can count on the person who takes over for you. Thanks Pam R....

I've only had one small nap in the past 3 days and I'm nearly falling asleep at the computer. Apparently, I'm still feeling the aftermath of this past weekend. Gotta go to bed now!

Dream Big,
With Love ~ Dor


Alex Jamieson said...

Hello Mommy, oh man oh man do i need some good old fashioned Doreen in my life, finals are here, and you'd be proud of me, i'm not to far behind..hehehe well i called you today, and i was just thinking about you, latly like CRAZY well your in my prayers and my thoughts AND all of us girls need to take you to some lunch or dinner or something that is fun!! WELL my LOVE your amazing and i cannot wait to see you, miss ya mom love you lots xoxoxoxox

Always a Believer

Alex Jamieson

i move home on the 15th!! Love you

amy schmitt said...

Hi Mom. I spoke with a few of my “boys” and we came up with a couple of vacation ideas. We were thinking….

Aruba, Jamaica… ooo I wanna take you.
Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama.
Key Largo, Montego baby why don't we go…

Off the Florida Keys.
There's a place called Kokomo.
That's where you wanna go to get away from it all…..

These are just a couple of ideas. We can discuss it more when I get home from Spokane this weekend. :)

Missing you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Doreen~
One of our favorite family vacations is houseboating on Lake Roosevelt (and there are MANY places to houseboat... California?)
Another idea is a cruise to Alaska (check with Elieen). Disneyland doesn't sound too relaxing.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen-
FIRST love & a hug to you! Okay, now down to what little I know about vacation ideas.

We did go to Disneyland on the busiest day of the year (Christmas)...but it was the coolest too! Try California Adventure they have a ride that smells like an orange, a fun boardwalk, probably not the Christmas tree or lights, they're down, they have BUZZ Lightyear & Goofy & Wendy & all those people that are just so darn happy and look nice in photos! You could get a Tinkerbell painted on your face, there ya go! Alright, the only other suggestion would be that I would normally call you to see where a good place to go would be which means, you've probably already got your perfect answer?! Then Georgia, she's got a whole bunch of little hideaways that turn out fabulous!
Happy Grad Day - xoxo