Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Meds...

On 4-26-06 Mom got her first bottle of Tarceva, or what we like to call the "miracle drug." She will be taking a 150mg pill each day. The goal is for the Tarceva to interrupt the growth of the cancer and hopefully shrink it. The Tarceva does not have quite as harsh of an effect on the human body so she should not lose her hair or get sick to her stomach like she would with Chemo treatments. The side effects are mouth sores and itchy, rashy skin. The Oncologist said although itchy, rashy skin sounds bad... it will mean that her body is likely having a reaction to the drug on the inside as well. So, according to Dor.... "Bring on the Rash!"


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Liz McCarrell said...

Hi Doreen. I like your cute hat, it is worth the $600 you paid for it. Maybe in your next picture you can wear the "I luck you" pants :)

I love you,